Interior View



Interior Shots

I thought I would share a few interior photos of how the space is shaping up. While it’s still not quite 100% yet, you can really get a good sense for the quality of the spaces.

As you can tell in the photos, one of the biggest drivers for the the space was access to natural light. While we couldn’t break the budget on windows and daylighting, we understand the role daylight plays in creating inviting interior environments.

We will share more interior photos after the finishing touches are put on and also will share exterior as landscaping begins to happen in the spring.

Console Table

After installation of the plywood second floor, we were left with a number of extra pre-cut 1’x4′ boards. As a result, I came up with the idea to produce a simple television console table. The table’s design is intended to be simple in nature, with the introduction of only two additional materials, scrap 2x4s for the legs and a sheet of pegboard for the sliding door panels.

The design speaks to simplicity in form, materiality, and finish (left unfinished), utilizing off-the-shelf products to produce a piece that complements the design of the home.

Check it out:

The piece was fabricated with the help of my friend and industrial designer Chris Stuart. Chris runs Luur, a design-build operation in town. He is a fantastic designer and we are lucky to have such a talent. Definitely check out his work.

Interior Painting

This past weekend we started to paint the interior of the house. We have opted to go with a warm white for the house, minus the master bedroom where a light green will be used. The white serves as a nice complement to the warm wood pallet ceiling and the concrete floor.

Additionally, as we have often mentioned, environmental responsibility is important to us and to the design. We chose a paint that met this desire, DuraSoy. DuraSoy is a bio-based paint paint that goes beyond just using low-voc or no-voc paint. It contains a rewewable resource material, recycled content, contains no V.O.C. and is low odor but still is a high performing paint. The most interesting thing to note is that because it contains very little water, it is extremely thick…the thickest paint I have worked with. However, it goes on smooth and we have been very happy with it so far.

Check it out.

Living Room




Drywall went up last week.  As has been mentioned on this blog often, we are constantly trying to balance “green” products and budget and trying to find the best products for a sustainable house, not only with regards to its environmental impact but also in regard to personal health.  For the drywall, we ended up using AirRenew Gypsum Board manufactured by CertainTeed.  Not only is it manufactured with a large percentage of recycled content and is recyclable, but it is designed to absorb VOCs in the air and convert them to inert compounds and resist mold and moisture, ensuring a cleaner and healthier indoor environment.

Metal Works

Last week we had a meeting for the metal railing system in the house with Centerline Studio based out of Indianapolis.  They are an awesome metal fabrication studio in town who do a broad range of work, with a lot of experience doing metal railings for architectural projects.

We are going for somewhat of an industrial vibe in the house and want to keep the railings relatively simple but still look contemporary.  We have a few different instances of railings in the design, both on the interior and on the exterior.  We have railings on both the bridge and as a barrier between the loft and the open 2-story section over the kitchen.  We are also hoping to continue the railing down the staircase.  Further, we plan on having a railing system in conjunction with a partial parapet wall on the roof garden directly off the loft on the second floor.  It is our goal to continue the same railing look from the interior out onto the exterior of the house, to maintain continuity.

We have opted, at this point, at going with a cable railing system with mild steel square tube posts and rails.  It will give us that slightly industrial look but will still maintain a contemporary appearance and allow us to keep costs down by minimizing the number of posts needed.  Here are a few examples of Centerline’s work that are along the lines of what we are looking to implement:

Centerline Studio

Centerline StudioCenterline Studio