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  1. Love the the look. The green roof is interesting. Were you or will you be able to incorporate other green features.
    So Mark Bebe is the architect. Who’s the builder?
    Good luck.

  2. Thanks for the comment. The house has been designed by both myself and Mark Beebe. The house has a host of other green features and I will be doing a post in the near future explaining many of these features…from materials to wall construction to mechanical systems. The builder is Main Street Homes. Let me know if you have any other questions! Thanks!

    • I was just talking to a friend about green counter top options. I don’t know much but told him to check out paperstone. I don’t recall what you are using. Do you know of other affordable, green options? For the paperstone, I suggested my friend somehow use their off-sizes to make it affordable. Thanks.

      • We are using Paperstone countertops for the project. In my research of different countertop options, these recycled paper/wood countertop options are some of the most affordable, green options out there. Here is a link to Green Countertops Direct’s Budget Panels section: You can definitely find some good deals on here. There are, however a few other recycled paper options out there, such as EcoTop or Richlite.

        Also, if your friend is handy, they could consider doing their own concrete countertop. Here is a great link for info:

        One other option is EQcountertops: They are a laminate countertop but are manufactured using 100% pre-consumer recycled particleboard, water based adhesives and are a GREENGUARD Certified laminate. I’m not too familiar with them at this point, but they definitely seem like a cost competitive option, if they are looking to go for a more affordable route than Paperstone.

        Let me know if you have any more questions…glad to help!

  3. Hey guys – it is really looking good. Hope you can contiue to work out the issues and get things wrapped up!
    Can’t wait to see the finish!

    • We aren’t planning to stain it but will seal it. We like the variation in the wood and staining might diminish that some. Sealing it should do the trick.

  4. Does the metal get polished at all? How do you plan to fix the wood to the risers? I can’t wait to see all of this!! Tim is, of course, very intersted too!

    • The metal will get cleaned and polished but will not be painted at all. And, yes, we are going to use the same plywood to be used on the second floor on the stairs. I’ll keep you updated on the process.

  5. My wife and I are getting ready to finish graduate school and we have been thinking about buying a cottage house, but then we saw these gorgeous properties in Fountain Square. I am just curious what the ballpark price is for the model you have designed on the website.

  6. I am very interested in a modern home I saw off of Shelby St in the fountain square area. Please contact me…3172923692…thanks dan

  7. Maybe I am mistaken, but have you had to remove the siding material for some reason? I thought it was mostly installed at one point, but when I drove by last weekend it was all tyvek….whats going on? Was there an installation error? I am curious as I am planning to use a similar rainscreen for a home I hope to build in the neighborhood in the next year or so…Thanks!!

    • James, you are correct. We have had a number of issues in terms of the contractor’s quality of work. The issue really stemmed from the housewrap being installed incorrectly. Rather than wait until down the road, it was decided it best to re-mediate the problem now. So, all of the siding is coming off and the house will be re-wrapped next week with siding then going back up. The removal of the siding was in no way a result of the design of the system.

  8. I am building a small home in Edmond Oklahoma and plan on using a similar cedar rain screen siding combined with some corrugated galvalume. I’m interested in seeing how you’ve detailed the cedar rain screen at corners and around windows? Are you simply running the boards right up to the window frame, or as close as possible to the window frame? Or are you using some kind of trim? As for corners, are you mitering them?

  9. Eric, thanks for the question. You could definitely just run the cedar up to the window frame…depending on the plane the window frame sits in relative to the window frame. We decided to do more of a shadow box type window frame with the same 1x cedar around the window and had the cedar rainscreen die into that. In regards to turning corners, we actually didn’t have to turn any corners with the cedar but I would recommend not using a corner trim board, as it will create a continuous look to either miter or butt join the boards together. Let me know if you have any other questions!

  10. Hi there, can you tell me what type of plywood you used for the floor? Species/grade. The color and grain are really very nice!

  11. Hi, can’t believe I stumbled upon your house while looking into thermocore. Even though my property is in Bloomington, I have been making forays into fountain square as the new architectural vibe there is more to my liking, and have watched your house being built. I would really like to talk to you about a few specifics. Is there a better way to contact you so we could talk candidly about your experience? I have built a new home down in Florida and so am a bit “seasoned”. I’m sure you know what that means.
    I have a beautiful ridge top down here in Monroe county and am interested in building there. Thanks in advance.
    Skip Van Cel.

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