ME3This blog serves as a documentation to the design and construction process of new affordable, modern homes in the Fountain Square neighborhood of Indianapolis.  From design through construction, these home demonstrates a new potential for the neighborhood, reflecting on both its history and its artistic and cultural identity.

These houses demonstrate that design does not simply have to follow previous parameters but can become a reflection of its time and of its location.  These homes are designed for the urban dweller:  compact in size, energy efficient, affordable, contemporary, and responsible.

Me:  Brian Burtch

I am an architectural designer working in Indianapolis.  I received my Master of Architecture from The Ohio State University, where I also completed my undergraduate studies in Architecture.  I am from the Indianapolis area and have a passion for urban issues, design, and redevelopment.  Architecture and design have the power to impact, challenge, and improve society.

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  1. Glad you found the blog! This house is actually for my brother. This is simply my design work…at this point though I hope to find myself in the neighborhood in the future as well. It’s great to hear from others in the neighborhood, especially close neighbors. Fountain Square really is a great neighborhood. Feel free to ask any questions you might have and pass the blog on to others in the neighborhood!

    • Kirsten, glad you came across the blog. The plan for the pallets is to use them on both the first and second floor ceilings. We are disassembling them, lightly sanding them, cleaning them, and installing them as a slat ceiling. We also have a small section by the first floor bath where the walls will be clad in pallets as well. Stay tuned to the blog for more pictures as the project progresses!

  2. Brian,
    The images of your project that are hanging in the Harrison Center for the Arts make it look like a very interesting and stunning project. I hope I will get the opportunity to view it in person during the home tour. I did notice you used two images of paintings of mine in your advertising shots. I am so flattered, and wanted to let you know that both paintings are available for sale. However, please ask my permission in the future to use my images in your advertising, as I do own the copyrights. I had also noticed that both images were altered from my original vision to fit your space requirements.
    Once again, thank for the compliment of using my images in your advertising, but please consider asking the artists’ permission in the future as it is illegal not to. Feel free to contact me if you would like to continue this conversation in private.
    Thank you,
    Susan Hodgin

    • Susan, It’s great to hear that you are very interested in the home. It will most likely be shown as a work still in progress at the tour but I hope you can make it out. About the work being shown, I do apologize for this being the case. The original intent was not to make this public but it did end up happening and I do apologize. Would you like me to edit the view and remove the paintings? I do love the work you do and was trying to have a little fun with tying in local art. I will most definitely touch base with you if I decide to do anything of the sort in the future and make sure you are on board first. Thanks for touching base and the head’s up!

  3. We drove by the house a few weeks ago and then again today. The siding is beautiful. Love the steel and the fiber cement. Wish we had known about the AIA home tours as my husband and I would have loved to see the inside. Will you be having an open house?

    Also, if you don’t mind my asking, what do you estimate the final total build cost to be? We want to build in the future and have been looking for an affordable green option. Your design has really caught our interest.

    • Jaclyn,

      Thanks for all the great comments. We are really happy with how the exterior has come together. Stay tuned for more info on an open house…we have definitely been talking about having one at the completion of the project.

      In terms of cost, the final target is $110-$120 per square foot. Let me know if you have any other questions!

  4. What an incredible project, Brian! Your designs are fantastic and such a needed element in our city! I’m so thrilled to have found this blog!

    My husband and I have been on the hunt for an area where a modern/green home/beach style home would fit in the suburbs of Indy for a while…and then were going to look into architects. We were in the final stages of building a semi custom prairie style home (the closest we could get to a modern design that would be accepted within the area we were hoping to build) when our builder filed bankruptcy two weeks before we were scheduled to move in and we lost our home. We can’t get past the itch to build again and really go for the modern home that we were originally hoping to have (if we can find an area for it)….and I’m thrilled to have found your information and will certainly keep it on file! I’m also sad to have not known about the AIA home tour…I would have LOVED to join that! I am in the arts scene in Indy (photography) and have been a longtime resident…can’t believe I didn’t know!! I’m glad to know now and it will be a top priority for next year! Maybe you would consider showing the finished home on next years tour? Again, great project…excited to watch the progress from here and hope to be in touch with you in the future!!
    Jessica Strickland

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