Work the Land

This weekend we began the landscaping process. We started by tilling the entire lot. This is never an easy thing to do on an urban lot on which a structure previously sat. We encountered a lot of this:

Buried Treasure

However, we got the hang of the tiller pretty quickly and things progressed relatively smoothly, minus losing control of the tiller and having it crash into the house…not really…but it could have happened, right?

Tilling the Land - Shelby Street

Although it is still just a dirt patch, it feels just a little closer to the real deal. After seeing the site as little more than a dried up dirt and gravel patch for such a long time, it’s rewarding to see us actually begin the landscaping process. We should have more news on plants, deck, and fencing this week. Stay tuned.


Tilled Yard


Hello…I’m back.

As you can tell…I’ve really been slacking on this whole blogging thing for quite some time. However, it seems like a good time to get back into the rhythm. Spring has made a few appearances, which means things should be picking up for both me, 701 Shelby, and various developments and happenings throughout the city. Spring is always a great reminder of the beauty and value in a place and a pleasant reminder why I am in Indy and all of the great things happening in the city.

Because it’s spring, it’s time for landscaping to happen at 701 Shelby. We have gone through various landscape iterations, with help from a few different people. A friend of mine, James Poisel, happens to be a landscape architect and has graciously lent his help on the project. Below is the current plan, minus a few very minor modifications (click on the link for a better quality image of the plan):

701 Shelby_Landscape Plan_040313

701 Shelby Landscape Plan

As you can see from the plan, there is a strong emphasis on native plantings and minimizing the use of turf. We all know the problems and issues that grass lawns create, and this house has always been about living the right way, living responsibly. The landscape is a direct reflection of this mantra, with a series of low maintenance, local trees, grasses, flowering plants, and plenty of space for raised vegetable garden beds.

Keep a watch on the blog for updated photos as the work begins. The landscape will really tie everything together and demonstrate the home’s strong intention to marry interior with exterior, house and landscape.

Also, there will be some updates in the near future on some changes in plans with the lot in Fountain Square…as some issues were encountered…though I still plan on building in the neighborhood…no doubt about that.

Thanks for following the blog and look for some more regularity being brought back to it!