Let There Be Light

Finally we have electricity in the house!

Open Loft

The lighting in the house is somewhat unique.  We went with recessed LED can lights throughout most of the house and the cool thing about the lighting is the use of the Verve Living System.  I’ve mentioned this system in previous posts but for those of you who aren’t familiar, essentially it is a lighting control system which allows for the introduction of wireless switches throughout the house.  All of the fixtures are fed through 10 channel controllers which the wireless switches communicate with.  The system gives you the flexibility to reprogram switches as often as you like, and also provides a master switch which allows for creating scene settings and then saving them.  Additionally, as a part of the switch design, all of the lights are dimmable down to 5%.

10 Channel Controller

Downstairs Bath

Interior Painting

This past weekend we started to paint the interior of the house. We have opted to go with a warm white for the house, minus the master bedroom where a light green will be used. The white serves as a nice complement to the warm wood pallet ceiling and the concrete floor.

Additionally, as we have often mentioned, environmental responsibility is important to us and to the design. We chose a paint that met this desire, DuraSoy. DuraSoy is a bio-based paint paint that goes beyond just using low-voc or no-voc paint. It contains a rewewable resource material, recycled content, contains no V.O.C. and is low odor but still is a high performing paint. The most interesting thing to note is that because it contains very little water, it is extremely thick…the thickest paint I have worked with. However, it goes on smooth and we have been very happy with it so far.

Check it out.

Living Room