1X20: 20 design studies for an urban infill lot

We are hosting a gallery show in conjunction with the American Institute of Architect’s Home Tour.  It will open at the Harrison Center as part of First Friday in September.  Check it out.

Also, we are still accepting submissions for potential entries for the show until the end of July.  If you are interested and have a great idea and vision for the site, submit it!

“The goal of this project is to explore the intrinsic differences between designers and how they approach creative challenges. We’re seeking 20 designers to collaborate with us to create designs for an urban lot in downtown Indianapolis. We do not own this lot, and we’re not seeking legitimate proposals for things to do with it – the site is just a representation of a common problem in an urban area. Rather, by asking all of the designers to approach precisely the same problem using the same format, we seek to draw a contrast between the designs themselves.”

Quick Update

I thought I would take a moment to update everyone on the current status of the house.  As most of you have noticed…there has not been a blog post for quite some time now.  This is a result of a stoppage in work on the house.

As you may or may not be aware, this project is being done through a local CDC (Community Development Corporation) in town.  Additionally, there are Neighborhood Stabilization Funds (Government Funding) as a part of the project.  As a result of this, the project really is at the mercy of both of these organizations, and we all know how quickly things move when the government is involved.

The house has been sitting…waiting…for a good period of time now on finances from both the CDC and the city to move forward with the completion of the project.

Additionally, there have been some internal changes in the parties involved and things have been getting sorted out.  We have been at the mercy of the CDC and its contractors…which, frankly, has not been a great experience.  There are errors that are slated to be corrected and the appropriate responses are now in order.

So…work should resume very soon, starting next week.  When it does, I will walk you through the remainder of the process.  It’s going to be a wild ride to the finish…as we are really pushing for the home to be done this summer…and it needs to be…for the sanity of everyone involved.

Thanks for your patience and continued following of the project.

With all of this said and done, I am still confident that the design will be a success in the end for my brother and will demonstrate the ability to produce a contemporary home at an affordable rate on an urban lot in Indianapolis.  We have had our fair share of bumps in the road that were outside of our control but we are doing the best to deal with them in the most appropriate manner.  Needless to say, this has been a very eye-opening experience toward many of the parties involved.  We have learned a great deal and many of the frustrations we have been forced to deal with should not have had to happen…but that’s the nature of working with certain organizations and contractors.  These setbacks have not, however, deflated my passion for this project or for future projects of this manner in the city.  It is my opinion that Indianapolis needs more projects like this one and, honestly, I think there is a growing market for efficient, affordable, contemporary homes in the city.

Thanks again for following the project and all the craziness involved…it’s been quite a ride and we hope we can wrap things up within the next couple months (in time for the AIA Home Tour)!!!