Pallet Ceiling Installation

As you know, we’ve been working on disassembling pallets off and on for quite some time now.  We’ve finally started installing some of the pallet ceiling.  We haven’t done too much yet…as we are still waiting on the contractors to come out a finish up a few little areas that we are unable to cover until their work is done.  It’s starting to look good though.  Check it out:


Drywall went up last week.  As has been mentioned on this blog often, we are constantly trying to balance “green” products and budget and trying to find the best products for a sustainable house, not only with regards to its environmental impact but also in regard to personal health.  For the drywall, we ended up using AirRenew Gypsum Board manufactured by CertainTeed.  Not only is it manufactured with a large percentage of recycled content and is recyclable, but it is designed to absorb VOCs in the air and convert them to inert compounds and resist mold and moisture, ensuring a cleaner and healthier indoor environment.

Current Status

Sorry for the long delay in posts.  There has been a long lull in the project but hopefully things will be picking up this week.  The schedule says drywall is to be done this week.  If this indeed happens, the project will be picking up speed with the second floor plywood installation coming soon after as well as kitchen cabinetry, bathroom tile, and the pallet ceilings.

Keep you fingers crossed that things pick up speed this week.

One a side note, we are currently working on a landscape plan to implement after completion of the house.  We will share those designs as we get them to a more definite point.

More Pallets…

We continue to collect and disassemble pallets for the ceilings in the house.  It’s most definitely a large undertaking, but the results are going to be pretty great.  The ceiling should begin installation within the next 1-2 weeks.

This week drywall is going to go up, as well as the completion of the HVAC rough-ins.  Things are starting to push forward again.