Day 2 of wall/framing construction:


Instant House

The beauty of SIPs…



Merry Christmas…progress next week

Our Christmas present is coming a little late for the house…but nonetheless…it is still coming.  New week the SIPs will be delivered on site and will be erected into place.  Additionally, the interior framing will also be installed.  Finally, we can see the house come out of the ground.  Stay tuned for lots of pictures next week showing the progress and how the coordination of the panel installation is done.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!

Design Inspiration

Seeing how I’ve started getting more and more interested in furniture and industrial design lately…I thought I would share a firm out of New York City doing some pretty cool stuff…and it’s pretty simple too.

Rich Brilliant Willing

Their design approach often consists of taking existing elements and re-imagining them in strategic ways, with much of their work centered around lighting.

Here are a few examples for your enjoyment:

Branch Chandelier - Rich Brilliant Willing

Channel Table Lamp - Rich Brilliant Willing

Appalachian Dining Chair - Rich Brilliant Willing

I’m always looking for some great inspiration which can begin to influence my own work.  It’s great to see these guys not only designing but also fabricating much of the work they do.  Make sure to check out the rest of their work.