Metal Works

Last week we had a meeting for the metal railing system in the house with Centerline Studio based out of Indianapolis.  They are an awesome metal fabrication studio in town who do a broad range of work, with a lot of experience doing metal railings for architectural projects.

We are going for somewhat of an industrial vibe in the house and want to keep the railings relatively simple but still look contemporary.  We have a few different instances of railings in the design, both on the interior and on the exterior.  We have railings on both the bridge and as a barrier between the loft and the open 2-story section over the kitchen.  We are also hoping to continue the railing down the staircase.  Further, we plan on having a railing system in conjunction with a partial parapet wall on the roof garden directly off the loft on the second floor.  It is our goal to continue the same railing look from the interior out onto the exterior of the house, to maintain continuity.

We have opted, at this point, at going with a cable railing system with mild steel square tube posts and rails.  It will give us that slightly industrial look but will still maintain a contemporary appearance and allow us to keep costs down by minimizing the number of posts needed.  Here are a few examples of Centerline’s work that are along the lines of what we are looking to implement:

Centerline Studio

Centerline StudioCenterline Studio


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