Quick Update…SIPs

After pouring the slab last week, the next step is the fabrication of the Structural Insulated Panels.  We are currently tying up some loose ends, with the focus being on final decisions on windows and doors.  We are also awaiting final shop drawings from the SIP manufacturer Thermocore, a local company based out of Moorseville, Indiana.  Here is a quick blurb from their website describing the benefits of SIPs over traditional framing:

Thermocore’s next generation of stud-less framing eliminates thermal breaks and air leaks associated with traditional stick-frame construction. The result is a wall system with twice the insulating power of traditional exterior walls. Thermocore’s structural insulated building panels slash energy demand and shrink monthly energy bills.

What makes Thermocore structural insulated panels different from other SIPs? Only Thermocore’s patented 4-inch insulated wall panels accommodate standard building materials, eliminating the need for costly window and door jamb extensions. In addition to cost savings through energy efficiency, Thermocore’s wall and roof SIPs provide:

  • The highest insulation value possible with heavy-duty polyurethane foam
  • Customization for each building design
  • Virtually waste-free production
  • Faster installation
  • Better air quality and noise reduction

After we receive the final drawings we will review them, approve them, and then Thermocore will proceed with fabrication of the wall system.  Currently, we are not aware of the lead time for fabrication but should find out in the near future. The wall panels will be fabricated off site and will then be brought to the site and will go up rather quickly.  So the time waiting for the walls to be fabricated will be made up for in the time it takes to erect the panels on site.

It is a busy schedule upcoming, involving meeting with various trades to ensure all things run smoothly.  Next week involves meeting with a local steel fabricator for the railing systems, meeting with a roofing company to ensure proper roofing installation for future green roof application, and a meeting to discuss countertops and tiling.  It is an exciting time and I will make sure we share all of our decisions with you.

Stayed tuned for updates on the status of the wall system and for more information on the various upcoming decisions.


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