Recently, we gained access to some free pavers…and couldn’t pass up the opportunity.  So, we’ve decided to start to conceptualize on what the back patio and landscape might begin to look like.  Here is the area we are talking about:

The pavers are a nice gray color and are 5.75″ x 11.75″.  They should make for a really nice patio surface and make for a nice floor transition from interior to exterior.

I don’t yet have any drawings of the specifics of the landscape but we will in the future. We are, however, imagining a rectangular firepit with some built in seating as part of the patio.

Further, we will be doing a full out landscape plan for the entire property which will include various native plantings and a series of raised garden beds.  We have enlisted the help of local landscape architect Karen Hartlep to help us with this process…though we have a ways to go before we are ready to do any plantings.


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