Pallet Ceiling…no easy task

After coming across a great interior renovation in Dwell magazine for Taylor Gourmet, we were inspired to take on a similar strategy.  Here you can see their use of old pallets to create some very unique, inexpensive interior wall surfaces.

We are planning to use the pallet wood for the ceiling of the first floor.  It will provide a nice contrast to the polished concrete floors and give a level of warmth to the space.

Seeing how we are keeping this house affordable…sometimes this requires the owner to put in some blood and sweat to achieve these custom-type results.

Pallets are not easy to work with, that’s for sure.  But, we have come up with a semi-efficient system of sawing and prying which doesn’t completely wipe us out.  After we pry apart approximately 70-80 pallets, then they will need to be sanded, and then will be installed and stained afterward.  This, obviously, is not a quick process.  But for us, it’s beneficial on many levels.  It’s green…as we are taking material that would otherwise be thrown away, it’s unique, definitely adds character, and honestly, it just looks good.  So keep your fingers crossed that this turns out well!


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