The strategy for the lighting system in the house incorporates a relatively simple product which is actually pretty cool.  The Verve Living System is a wireless control system for residential lighting.

Basically, the system consists of two components:


The system allows for the elimination of wiring to the switches themselves and also allows for flexibility in the placement of the switches.  This has a few benefits.  One, we don’t have to worry about placing switches on exterior walls which can act as weak points in the SIP insulation values.  Also, because the switches are wireless, they are free to be moved around the house at any point and can be reprogrammed to the controller.  So, if you decide to re-arrange a room and need to move the switch, it’s a simple process.

Further, the system contributes to an increase in energy efficiency.  The switches take no batteries to power.  They are completely powered by the physical motion of pushing the switch on and off.  Also, all switches have dimming capability, adding a greater degree of energy efficient possibilities.

The last point to make is cost of the system.  In reality, due to the decrease in the cost of labor and material for wiring all the switches, the system really does not come out to be much, if any, more expensive than a traditional system.  It is definitely a cool feature to add to the house that serves multiple functions.

And thanks to the folks at the Postgreen and the 100k house for making me aware of this system!


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